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is to bring Artists and Musicians together from around the world for one common goal: to inspire and empower people with real solutions to wellness and a higher quality of life by providing knowledge, wisdom, resources, support groups, research and a centralized wealth of information for returning to wellness, by combining real nutrition and balanced hydration for the body, for a return to Wellness

Why Water


Our bodies are 75-85% water. Proper Hydration with the purest water is essential to healthy living.


Raw organic juicing is health giving, health restoring and life-changing nourishment.


By eating plant base foods you lower chances of cancer and other health problems.

Why Water



Detoxifying is essential given the environmental toxins our body accumulates daily.

troyjrWelcome to A Song 4 Wellness,

My name is Troy Luccketta, and for the past 25 plus years I have played drums for the rock band Tesla.
Over the years I can honestly say in my personal travels I have not taken care of myself by eating lots of fast food, and deli trays so to speak. With that being said, I learned a bit about wellness over the past few years through my sister Teresa. She has brought it to my attention that we all have an alarm clock inside of us that can go off at any given time. Meaning….if I stay on the course with no changes I am at risk to getting either sick, or put on a lot of unnecessary, unhealthy weight. Honestly speaking, if there was something in my presence along the way of fruits and vegetables, 9 times out of ten, I would grab the pizza. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can change and it doesn’t mean we can’t change the time / our body clock.

troy2What we are purposing is a site full of great choices, and knowledge in order to make healthy changes. We all know people who are sick, or don’t eat well (myself included). We just need to know where to go and get the information.

I personally want to be there for my children and watch my kids and grandson grow up. 
Thank you for taking the time.




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