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OUR VISION is to bring like minded people together from around the world for one common goal:

To inspire and empower people with real solutions to wellness and a higher quality of life by providing knowledge, wisdom, resources, support groups, research and a centralized wealth of information for returning to wellness, by combining real nutrition and balanced hydration for the body.

Bringing Knowledge of a Healthy Lifestyle Generation to Generation


Providing essential nutrition supports the mind and body to reach ones highest potential.  Studies show lack of proper hydration and nutrients can affect academic performance and behavior.



 Physical Wellness

Knowing “why” is the first step into learning “how”. The following information gives insight as to why and how the four phases of creating healthy cells work to maintain physical wellness. The four phases include increasing air intake (oxygen), water (hydration), whole food intake (plant based foods), and the seven avenues of elimination (detox).

Appropriate levels of oxygen are vital to support cell respiration. Oxygen plays an important role in the energy metabolism of living organisms.

Our bodies are 75% to 80% water. Proper hydration with the purest water is essential.

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Plant based foods replenish the body with nutrients which maintains a healthy lifestyle.

VIsual Design

Detoxifying is essential given the environmental toxins our body accumalates daily.

Why alkalinity?  Keeping the body hydrated and alkalined restores the bodies natural ability to fight off dis-ease.  Alkalinity is the result when ensuring your body receives the best water, whole foods, detox, and juicing as a part of your lifestyle.

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"Deliver the Groceries" and

"Take Out the Trash”


Inger Gaar, Biofeedback Specialist, CBS, QRA Practitioner delivers an empowering message on how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  “Feed it, don’t treat it” “You have to make a quality decision at some point in your life.  Don’t wait until your sick to do it”.

  • Key of wellness is getting nutrition in every single cell of the body.
  • Keeping fluid around the cells to clear away toxins.
  • Creating energy vitality, regeneration, and fat loss
  • The four phases of creating healthy cells are predominantly whole food intake, increasing air (oxygen), water (hydration), and the 7 avenues of elimination.

We provide recipes for aiding the body to thrive and restore to wellness. Please visit our juicing section and enjoy our free downloadable recipes.

There are 7 major systems in the body.  Cardiovascular, Nervous, Endocrine, Digestive, Musculoskeletal, Respiratory, and Immune. Each system is responsible for keeping the body disease-free.  It is important to know which foods are beneficial and which foods to avoid. 

Why Juicing

Raw organic in it’s highest concentrated form is health sustaining and life-changing nourishment for the body.

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