Troy and Linda Luccketta


My name is Troy Luccketta, and for over 30 years I have been playing drums for the rock band Tesla.

Over the years I can honestly say in my personal travels I have not taken care of myself by eating lots

of fast food, and just overall unhealthy choices in this everyday fast lifestyle that most people endure

when their business involves a lot of traveling. With that being said, I learned a bit about wellness

over the past few years. We all have an alarm clock inside of us that can go off at any given time.

Meaning….if I stay on the course with no changes then I am at risk to getting either sick, or susceptible

to gaining a lot of unhealthy weight. Honestly speaking, if there was something in my presence

along the way of fruits and vegetables, 9 times out of 10, I would grab the pizza. Since then, I have

gained awareness of the consequences of my actions and have adapted to a healthier way of eating and

to a healthier way of eating and living. As a direct result of this new lifestyle I have watched my

psoriasis go away. I now feel better, play better, and I just live better!

"Be Conformed to the Renewing of the Mind"

Welcome to A-Song4Wellness

OUR VISION is to bring like minded people together from around the world for one common goal: to inspire and empower people with real solutions to wellness and a higher quality of life by providing knowledge, wisdom, resources, support groups, research and a centralized wealth of information for returning to wellness, by combining real nutrition and balanced hydration for the body.


Our bodies are 75% to 80% water. Proper hydration with the purest water is essential. Click Here For More...


Plant based foods plenish the body with nutrients which maintains a healthy lifestyle.


Detoxifying is essential given the environmental toxins our body accumalates daily.


Raw organic is health sustaining and life-changing nourishment for the body.

Why alkalinity?  Alkalinity is the result of ensuring your body with water, whole foods, detox, and juicing as a part of your lifestyle.

Click on alkaline strip for information on alkalinity

An empowering 18 minute video of Jamie Oliver that may very well change your life and the lives of our children and their children.


“Deliver the Groceries” and

“Take Out the Trash”


Inger Gaar, Biofeedback Specialist, CBS, QRA Practitioner delivers an empowering message on how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  “Feed it, don’t treat it” “You have to make a quality decision at some point in your life.  Don’t wait until your sick to do it”.

  • Key of wellness is getting nutrition in every single cell of the body.
  • Keeping fluid around the cells to clear away toxins.
  • Creating energy vitality, regeneration, and fat loss
  • The four phases of creating healthy cells are predominantly whole food intake, increasing air (oxygen), water (hydration), and the 7 avenues of elimination.

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