Why Plant Based Organic Foods

Good, clean, and life-giving nutrition is the foundation, the building blocks, the core of a healthy body and a vibrant quality of life. Organic nutrition-rich plants, means food consciously grown, with care, with the health of the body foremost in mind, and “derived from living organisms” to provide the richest health and wellness possible. In other words, REAL food. Plant nutrition is easily absorbed, quickly matabolized and utalized at the cellular level. Cells recognize real food and know how to use it to build, repair, energize and nourish the entire body. Healthy cells build healthy bodies.

What are cells?

Cells are the fundamental units of life – the building blocks from which all your tissues and organs are made. They are made up of many smaller parts. Each part has a different job to do. Cells are facinating mini-factories and are the smallest components of living single organisms in your body. Your cells are constantly communicating with each other; busy little beavers,  responding to your environment, to the signals they receive from: how you move your body, what you touch, smell, hear, see, feel, and/or think.

If your cells cannot work correctly or efficiently, the natural and healthy functioning of your organs and tissues, (which are built of your cells), will become compromised (weakened, stressed, harmed, damaged) and you can experience a decrease or minimizing of physical functioning. What does this mean?  All dis-eases start in the cell.The result is the onset and progression of a host of health conditions and dis-eases.

The Cell’s Treasure Chest

The treasure chest or “holy grail” of the the cell is in its very center…the nucleus, where each person’s uniqe gene pool, DNA is located.  So, by keeping your cells well nourished, you are keeping your whole body well nourished…the “jewels of your treasure chest” well protected and therefore strong and HEALTHY!

The Cell’s Treasure Chest Function-LivingJewels

The body is packed full of different kinds of cells. Each cell’s treasure chest, the nucleus, controls everything in the cell: what the cell does and what the cell makes. Remember that the healthy cells are constantly communicating correctly, inside and ouside the cell itself and and outside with other cells. (Latest findings indicate that the body consisit of 70 to 100 trillion cells!) That’s a whole lot of communication goin’ on!

Imagine then, this nucleus treasure chest in every single cell, contains living jewels…with a life giving, living library of information and necessary actions, on cell history, (generational cell history from each person’s parents, on back down the family-tree gene pool) and necessary instructions and actions on: purpose, function, necessities, mapping, action plans, healthy history, and defense systems.  It is endless and infinite. It makes perfect sense then, that the body’s cells must have the purest, richest nutriton possible to do its job and stay healthy.

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Recommended easy reading for the whole family: The Human Body by Dr. Rillero  TIME for LEARNING: Publication international, Ltd. 

Lifespan of human cells

Each cell has it’s own lifespan before it splits, dies off and gives birth to the next cell. (The stages of mitosis).  For example, the life of a red blood cell is four months. http://www.jbc.org/content/166/2/627.full.pdf

A healthy cell will reproduce a healthy cell.  A sick cell will reproduce a sick cell. A dead cell will not and cannot reproduce itself.

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Why Rich Nutrient Plant Foods Are Good For Cells

Supporting healthy cells involves a variety of vitamins and minerals, as well as other dietary components. Providing all these nutrients to your cells, means eating organic whole foods because they contain the fullest complement of these nutrients. (See Juicing section) For example, one of the most comprehensive plant food sources for nutrients, that support healthy cells, is sprouted organic seeds…”sprouts”.

When organic nutrient-rich foods are limited, compromised or not available, real food supplementation is necessary for proper cell health. Consult a wellness professional for science-based real-food supplementation.

Category of Nutrients

There are over 50 nutrients needed by the body for good health:

  • Water
  • Good Carbohydrates
  • Fiber
  • Vitamins
  • Trace Minerals
  • Minerals
  • Amino Acids
  • Fatty Acids

The world’s healthiest foods contain these essential life-giving nutritients for cellular health. Refined, chemical, artificial and synthetic foods are not only toxic but nutrient deficient and therefore, cells become nutritionally deficient; causing weakened cell structure and function: deteriation, serious damage, mutation, and the inablilty to communicate correctly. The cellular function suffers, ultimately causing the death of cells and finally the body.

In order for a body to utilize a nutrient fully, it must have all its parts. Whole food matrix nutrients, means containing all parts of the whole nutrient. The entire matrix is sometimes or in conventional food, often missing. (Remember, the cells are VERY intelligent, they know what they need and what to do.)  When these parts are missing any of the necessary nutrients, the body looks for them to fully utilize the nutrition it needs. When missing, part of the nutrient or whole food matrix, the cells will rob that part or parts it needs for proper cell function, from another part of the body to fill in the gap. Or store it and wait for the rest to show up…it is not always healthy for the cell to start storing these parts to wait for the rest.

For example: if the body doesn’t have the whole of the Vitamin C matrix, say only one part, ascorbic acid, it will look for the other components in the cells. During pregnancy, if parts or whole nutrients are missing, the body will rob the mother’s cells of the nutrients to provide them for the growing fetus: like robbing calcium from her bones for the baby’s bone structure.

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