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One cannot say this is where it began, because where it began was before we even knew what was happening. Many have either lost their loved ones to dis-ease or themselves have been hit with illness and found ways through nutrition to fight back. Some have regained their health and some their bodies could not sustain. Both displayed courage and inspired those of us who watched with a feeling of helplessness to press forward as they paved the way. Through these painful times it has set a spark in the hearts of those of us who are still here to provide knowledge we have gained through both their journey and ours.

Their courage has become our spark that is now a torch and in great hopes will set a wild fire of wisdom for those who are seeking answers as we are. If you are here reading this, it is our deepest prayer that you find the answers along the way. If you find one thing here that we felt if we would have only known sooner, and it helps or even saves a life, then what we have began has done more than what we hoped for. May you find restoration and an answer to the prayers and questions that is longing in your heart.

Stay Healthy by a “Renewing of the Mind”.