Teresa’s grandfather, Mack Rogers patented the workout equipment, which Jack LaLanne had used through out his early career. These dedicated influences in her life inspired her to pursue a career as a manager of a large health food store in the Santa Cruz area in the early 70’s. She increased her knowledge of healthy living and changed her lifestyle by growing gardens, juicing, eating healthy, learning the value of a pH balanced body,  and exercising regularly. It became apparent to her it was the life she was called for. As living healthy became a way of life, and due to her compassion to help others, it further geared her towards gaining more knowledge in the world of healthy living by learning about the importance of caring about not only what is on the inside, but the outside as well.  For both play a major role to one another when it comes to living a healthy and happy life. She studied and became a licensed esthetician and opened skin care clinics in Santa Cruz, Tahoe, and Carmel. Today she is 30 years strong in the skin care business giving her clients the precious pearl of wisdom in taking care of their body as a whole.  You can find her in the California Bay area still living a happy and healthy lifestyle!