Teresa Luccketta, K.B. Austin, and Inger Gaar

  • Provides researched information to the organization.
  • Attends and speaks at conferences and fundraisers.
  • Donates her time and expertise when called upon.
  • Provides doctrine and emotional support for various families and groups battling dis-ease.
K.B. Austin, ED.D.
Dr. Austin has a long history as an educator, trainer, therapist and whole health consultant. She has a doctoral degree focused in the field of Whole Brain Learning, Early Childhood Development and Behavioral Sciences. She holds continuing educational certificates in nutrition and nutritional sciences and is a Children’s Author.

She maintained a private practice for 20 years as a Whole Health Psychotherapist; was the National Director of Training and the Oklahoma Director for three years, of the Results Project, an international four focus research and study program for children and young adults under the age of 18, who had been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and/or other behavioral learning challenges. For a ten year period, she was a Co-director and Master of Ceremonies for an annual International Healing Conference held in Black Mountain, North Carolina and Portland, Oregon.

During her first few years in Oklahoma, Dr. Austin co-founded with her husband, Earth Institute, a Holistic Health and Friendly Environmental Education and Training Organization in the Osage Hills, northwest of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

While at the School of Education at the University of Massachusetts, earning her Master’s degree, Dr. Austin was part of an innovative team developing, training and implementing Whole Brain Learning & the Creative Arts into various schools and school systems in New England.

She was raised in an active, health conscious extended family in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. Her French mother and grandmother were natural, fresh whole food cooks and advocates. NO JUNK FOOD! Her paternal grandmother was an avid gardener, producing lush fruits and vegetables and gorgeous flowers; was a nutritionist and often declared emphatically: “Honey, in my day it was all health food. We didn’t eat plastic…Fast Foods will kill you!